What our customers say

Grayloc Products

grayloc products“We have had a 30- year working relationship with Ayrshire Precision. During this time, we have come to rely on them for their excellent knowledge of our products and their expertise to produce components to a very high specification. They are extremely responsive and have helped us out with various challenges through the years. There have been occasions when I have picked up the phone with a manufacturing request and we have had a 24- hour turnaround on delivery. That’s good service!”

Chris Downie, Operations Director, Grayloc Products

Stats Group

Stats Group“Ayrshire Precision has been extremely responsive to all our manufacturing requirements. Not only do they deliver the goods, they have helped us out when we have had very tight customer deadlines. Our relationship grows from strength to strength and we look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Gary Milne, Workshop Team Leader, Stats Group


neptune“In the four years, we have been working with Ayrshire Precision, we have had no reason for complaint. Robert is on our speed dial and if we have a project with extremely tight deadlines, we know we can depend on Ayrshire Precision to get the job done.”

John Coutts, Machine Shop Manager, Neptune Offshore Services

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